Top five reasons for spending a spring weekend in Parry Sound

red trillium - 40 Bay Street Bed and Breakfast, Parry Sound, ON.

Drum roll, please!  Parry Sound is a year-round destination, and spring is just as special as the summer months! 

Here's our list of the top five reasons to spend a spring weekend in Parry Sound:

#5:  It's just like being in Whistler - you can see snow and ice while wearing shorts and sandals - without having to fly there!

#4. Bay Street Cafe and Georgian Bay Airways are open - no difficulty in getting a seat in either place!

#3. No traffic jams, and plenty of parking available in the downtown!

#2. You can revel in the sounds of the whipporwill and chickadees, waterfalls and breezes

And the number one reason why you should come to Parry Sound in the spring is....

the mosquitoes haven't arrived yet!


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