Parry Sound is a great stop-over for bikers

Four wheels move the body.  Two wheels move the soul. ~Author Unknown

I'm always surprised when we get enquires asking if we will take bookings from people arriving on a motorcycle...but after hearing their stories about some of their "welcomes" at other B&Bs, I can understand their concerns.

The Parry Sound area is a great place to explore on your bike - most of the roads are paved and very scenic.  However, I also realize that most bikers want to cover as much ground as they possibly can, so here are a couple of great web sites to help you plan your trip:

For motorcyclists:

For the non-motorized bikers there are over 225 kms of major on-road cycling routes in the West Parry Sound Area.

Here at 40 Bay Street Bed & Breakfast we offer all bikers off-road parking, or storage for non-motorized bikes, a wash station, cloths to dry off the dew in the morning, as well as all the Windex and paper towel they need to be able to clean all those squashed bugs off their windscreens and helmet visors!

So, if you're thinking of coming to the Parry Sound area by bike, not to worry! You will definitely be greeted with open arms!

P.S.  It was a guest who gave me my very first ride on a motorcycle - I can understand how addictive it can be!


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