Icefishing in Parry Sound

A sure sign that winter is here is the appearance of ice fishing huts appearing on Georgian Bay.

Most times inland lakes freeze over quicker than Georgian Bay as there is less movement of the water. Ice fishing requires a good base of ice over the water in order to provide a solid base to walk on. In addition, serious ice fishers will often drag ice huts out to their favourite spots with a truck so they really want to make sure the ice is thick enough!


I was surprised to learn that some people consider fishing in the winter an easier time to catch fish – the fish tend to be closer to the surface and are much hungrier. How do they know where to find the fish? Apparently, in the same places you would go to fish in the summer!

There are special ice fishing rods – they aren’t as long as regular fishing rods as the fish are generally more lethargic and your rod only has to go down a little bit as the fish are right under you. Most people use minnows, and choose their minnows based on the size of the fish they are hoping to catch – the larger the fish, generally you choose a larger minnow.

In the Parry Sound area, you typically can catch walleye, pike, crappie and bass. Lake trout are harder to catch as they tend to be found deeper than other fish. There are many local ice-fishing tournaments to participate in throughout the season – to find out more about the timing and location. visit Georgian Bay Country. Go to 40 Bay Street Bed & Breakfast’s Things to See and Do to find many more links to fishing options throughout the year.

Just remember – “You catch ‘em, you clean ‘em” as my father would always tell us!