Did you know that the Retreat Room was the guest favourite?

Since we first opened, The Retreat Room has always been our guests' favourite! Here are some of the comments we've received about the room:

"You don't expect to find such a modern room in an old house!"

"I LOVE the little pig in the corner! He is so cute and just adds that little touch of the unusual to the room."

"That king-size bed is so comfortable, if breakfast hadn't smelled so good, I don't know if I would have  gotten up!"

retreat room

"The cork floor in the bathroom area is really neat!"

"The blue paint makes the room feel so cool and calming - after travelling all day, it's a wonderful break"

"That shower is FANTASTIC! Between the rain head, body jets and hand-held shower, I enjoyed every minute - and didn't run out of hot water either!"

"It's nice to know that I can lie in bed and watch TV, surf the web or flake out on the couch.  A perfect end to a perfect day!"

"The sink in that room is beautiful - it looks like a work of art."

"We were celebrating our anniversary, and this room was  the ideal place to be - very romantic"

If you would like to check out The Retreat Room for yourself... or give us a call and come for a visit,  we are open year-round, and would love to make your stay a special occasion regardless of what it is.


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