Romance (like beauty), is in the eye of the beholder

Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2015

Over the years of being a B&B owner, I’ve learned that what one person or couple likes, doesn’t necessarily apply to others. And Valentine’s Day is no exception – it means different things to different people.valentines_day_Feb_14

Over the years, here are some ways I’ve seen couples celebrate February 14th in Parry Sound.

Some couples enjoy the sensuous side with showers for two in the big glass shower of the Retreat Room, a couples’ massage and dinner by the fireplace at the Log Cabin Inn. Flowers and wine might also be part of the package. Check out 10 romantic things to do in Parry Sound for some more ideas.

Generally a visit to Parry Sound in February guarantees snow. The opportunity to enjoy a winter wonderland with a variety of activities – such as

cross-country skiing, snowshoeing or fat biking, followed by dinner and a show at the Stockey Centre is their idea of a perfect time. See some of our suggestions for snow-related activities here.

However, there are other couples that consider just having the time to dedicate to each other - without the normal day-to-day routine or interruptions - is ideal. After a leisurely breakfast, a stroll around Parry Sound’s downtown shops, a nap, a cup of tea (coffee or wine…) and a good book suddenly sound like a good idea. Dinner will happen when and where they feel inspired to go and the night might finish off with a movie at the local theatre, or a DVD in their room.

Of course, I have also seen some couples celebrate with a mix of all of the above activities. With Valentine’s Day on Saturday this year, hopefully there won’t be any excuses for celebrating on that specific day. However, if there are, gift certificates can solve that problem and make you commit to a future date!

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