How does our garden grow?


Like most of Ontario, it was a strange winter in the Parry Sound area – lots of snow and cold! By the time it was finally the right time, my fingers were itching to get out and get planting!

The herb garden at 40 Bay Street Bed & Breakfast is well established now, and other than parsley, pretty well looks after itself – it is always nice to be able to have fresh herbs for our guests' breakfast.

However, other than the cool weather crops – peas, lettuce and onions - I held off until the beginning of June to get the majority of the vegetable garden in. Since we believe in using fresh, organic produce as much as possible in our breakfast menu, tomatoes are one of the key plants for us. Not only are they a great complement to most of our egg dishes, Chef Simon’s roasted tomato tarts are a big hit with the guests. In addition, crisp cucumbers add some nice colour and crunch to the plates while the zucchini makes a nice addition to the frittatas. Some of 40 Bay Street’s most popular recipes are on the web site under Breakfast.

In the berry section, we have decided to let the raspberries take over the entire patch. I am no longer a match for the chipmunks, who are after the same type strawberries that I look for – nice, red, plump and juicy ones…but guests are always welcome to wander that area to see what they can find for themselves. There is nothing like a berry fresh off the plant!


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