10 Questions to ask before booking a B&B

Here are questions you should ask the bed and breakfast host, to make sure your visit will be everything you expect.

1. How far are you located from _________________?

Location is generally the main reason a potential guest chooses a certain B&B. Even though claims are made on web sites and/or Google maps may show they are close to a certain place, it is always good to ask!

2. Do you have free, on-site guest parking?

While this is generally available, it is always a good question to ask, particularly in a larger, urban centre. In addition, you might want to make additional enquiries if you have sports equipment attached to the car or a trailer.

3. How far are you from a good restaurant and/or shopping?

Unless you are just stopping over on a long journey, you will need to have somewhere to go for dinner, and to get out and stretch your legs.

4. Do your rooms have their own bathrooms?

En-suite baths are contained as part of your room. Private baths are accessed from a public hall, but available only for your use. If a B&B advertises shared baths, it is always wise to determine how many rooms have access to a specific bathroom. That way, you will be prepared to bring a robe and to wait for your turn in the bathroom.

Georgian Bay is disappearing!*

Like any body of water, over the years Georgian Bay water levels have gone up and down. Since records have been kept, it was at it’s highest in 1986 when it reached 177.50 meters above sea level. The lowest watermark was in 1964 when it was almost 2 meters lower. 2012 may surpass the lowest record - last summer the Island Queen was unable to sail through the Rose Point Road channel.

Visiting Parry Sound in the spring?

Most people only think of Parry Sound as a summer time destination, but as soon as the snow and ice disappear, there are a lot of great things to do in the area – and swatting mosquitoes and black flies isn’t one of them if you come before June!

Here's my list of 10 things to do in Parry Sound in the springtime:

Icefishing in Parry Sound

A sure sign that winter is here is the appearance of ice fishing huts appearing on Georgian Bay.

Most times inland lakes freeze over quicker than Georgian Bay as there is less movement of the water. Ice fishing requires a good base of ice over the water in order to provide a solid base to walk on. In addition, serious ice fishers will often drag ice huts out to their favourite spots with a truck so they really want to make sure the ice is thick enough!