10 Ways to Have Fun in the Snow

Like most of Canada, even Parry Sound has experienced the unusual weather patterns that most of Canada has felt during the winters of the last several years.  However, we have always ended up with snow on the ground.  Besides getting our exercise shovelling it, snow can be a lot of fun too!

Here are my top 10 tips for having fun in the snow:

snow angels10. Catch snowflakes on your tongue

9.  Cover our backyard with snow angels

8.  Discover the fun you can have with snowballs – juggle, stack them up to build towers, forts, or snowmen

7.  Go tobogganing at Kinsmen Park

6.  Go on a winter picnic

5.  Lie in the snow in the backyard and watch the stars at night

4.  Go ice fishing

3. Rent snowshoes or a kick-sled from White Squall and break a new trail

2. Go cross country skiing - Georgian Nordic Ski Club will be open soon and you can rent skis at the clubhouse

And the number one reason to come to Parry Sound in the winter…follow the snowy shores of Georgian Bay – either in town on the “Fitness Trail” or at Killbear Provincial Park.

To make sure we have a room for you, check out our availability - and the amount of snow that is on the ground in Parry Sound!


What we do in the Winter

Many guests wonder what life is like around 40 Bay Street Bed & Breakfast during the winter months…and while it is a lot quieter than it is during the summer months, we never lack for things to do! Sitting in our pyjamas, drinking coffee and playing on the computer (writing blog posts, of course!) can take up a lot of time, don't you know?

Most years in November, there was a major renovation done.  However, all the rooms in the house are done now, and last year we updated all the rooms used by guests. This past summer the exterior of the house was painted and next spring, we will be re-painting inside.

40 Bay Street Bed & Breakfast Gift Certificates can solve a lot of problems

Have you got someone picky on your Christmas list that you never seem to be able to please? Want to get them something they can’t complain about – or return?

How about a gift certificate to 40 Bay Street Bed & Breakfast? It is guaranteed to fit, be the right colour, make, model and age appropriate! And, if they still manage to come up with a reason not to use it, you will be able to!

Since opening 40 Bay Street in 2006, we have worked hard to make sure that everything our guests need are available and included in our price at no extra charge:

10 Ways to Know it's Christmas in Parry Sound

There is nothing better than celebrating Christmas in Parry Sound!  From the lack of frenzied crowds to the opportunities abounding to purchase unique, hand-made gifts, it couldn't be better!

The first event that makes it official it is "Christmas in Parry Sound", is the annual Light Up the Park.  This event showcases the beautiful Christmas lights adorning the many trees in Parry Sound's Market Square.  This year, the special feature is the opportunity to see "Pete's Christmas", a Hallmark movie shot in Parry Sound last year.