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Start Your Own Bed & Breakfast

BBCanadaheaderAfter opening 40 Bay Street Bed & Breakfast, Susan was surprised that a number of her guests also expressed interest in opening a B&B at some point.

 And, now that she has the B&B of her dreams, she would love to help you have one too!

Susan has decided to share her love and knowledge of owning a successful bed and breakfast with people who are wondering if it is the right choice for them.  Her best advice?  It ís never to early to start planning!  (It took her five years between making the decision to become a B&B owner and actually opening the doors to 40 Bay Street Bed & Breakfast.)

Depending on where you are in your journey, Susan can make arrangements to have a conversation about your goals for owning a bed and breakfast, offer on-line courses, or provide hands-on packages that allow you to experience life as a B&B owner.  Call her at 1-866-371-2638 or send her an e-mail for more details.

Due to demand for other types of help from potential and existing bed and breakfast owners, Susan has launched a separate web site to provide additional information.  See our blog and new web site for The B&B Coach.

To get a taste of some of the issues that B&B owners face, follow Susan as The B&B Coach on Face book to learn about valuable resources, and read her blog to get a feel for the wide variety of topics that B&B owners need to think about.

Introduction to Owning a B&B

Susan invites you to spend a day or two at 40 Bay Street Bed & Breakfast, observing how she has set up the B&B, and discussing the why and how of her methods.  She will help you identify key factors that you will need to consider when selecting and setting up your bed and breakfast to ensure you meet your goals for success.


Hands-on Packages

So, you're thinking about becoming a B&B owner?

Part I

"Build it and they will come" is no longer a truism in the Bed & Breakfast business. Marketing and sales are the key to getting people to stay at your B&B, and while others can help you develop the tools to market the B&B, the owner is the one who must implement the materials and close the sale. This package offers you the opportunity to experience the life of a B&B owner from start to finish. Rent the entire B&B for two nights and re-coup some of your cost by "renting" the 3 guest rooms to friends, family, co-workers, etc. and be the B&B owner for the duration for their stay.

So, you're really serious about becoming a B&B owner?

Part II

For potential B&B owners that have completed Part I, and are really serious in pursuing this great lifestyle, this experience allows you to spend a week in peak season working side-by-side with Susan. This is your opportunity to learn many of the tips and tools of the trade and time management strategies used by successful B&B owners to meet the needs of a variety of guests.

Already have your own Bed & Breakfast?

Susan has an extensive background in business, marketing and creating entrepreneurial business revenues, and is ready to help you address whatever your B&B's challenges are. Her enthusiasm and creativity will fire you up and her support and knowledge will help you to achieve your dream of owning and operating the B&B of your dreams!

From inexpensive marketing solutions to time management strategies; determining additional opportunities to increase revenues; tips and tools of the trade; to figuring out where the money is going, and how to trim costs, Susan is Your Personal B&B Coach!

Call her to discuss how she can help you become more successful.