10 places to see the trains in Parry Sound


Parry Sound offers rail fans a great opportunity to get some great views of trains.Ryan Gaynor

Here are 10 places to check out the rails and watch the trains go by:

  1. Observation Tower at Tower Hill
  2. The Retreat Room at 40 Bay Street B&B (you can lie in bed and watch them go by - better than counting sheep!)
  3. The Old CP Station House at 1 Avenue Road
  4. The sun porches at 40 Bay Street Bed & Breakfast
  5. The CNR Station House at Station Road
  6. Bistro by the Bay Restaurant deck
  7. Isabella Street just west of Cascade Street (where there is a double set of tracks)
  8. MacTier (located approximately 1/2 hour south of Parry Sound on Hwy 400) is the site of a crew base and has a museum open on weekends in the summer, located in an old caboose.
  9. Behind the Parry Sound Mall, in the parking lot that overlooks Drain Lale. 
  10. Canadian National's Bala Subdivision., located  three miles south of Parry Sound.  It is known as South Parry and is at mile 147 of the Bala Subdivision  

For more information on railfanning in Parry Sound, check out our web page!  There you will find an overview of what you can expect, a link to our railfan guide and the history of trains in the area.


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