Indian Summer comes to Parry Soundpanies in snow

Many overseas guests have heard about our " Indian summer" and think it refers to a warm and sunny stretch of weather in the  fall.  For most of us in Canada, we think of it sunny, warm weather typically in late October or early November, after the leaves have turned following an onset of frost but before the first snowfall.  

This year has been a bit different - October was unseasonably warm. this meant some of my flowering plants - the chives, my rose at the front of the house and the spirea all bloomed for a third time this year,  Then on October 27th, we received about 10 cm of snow!  It didn't take long to melt, but some of the maples and tamaracks still have their leaves!  It certainly made for some unique pictures, like my pansies in this picture!


Some of my favourite things about  Indian Summer are the things you don't normally get to see in Parry Sound...whether it is the mist hovering over the water, the bare branches of a tree silhouetted against the bright blue sky or bright sunshine reflecting off of Georgian Bay like diamonds. 

I think that this has to be one of the best times of the year! There's still a couple of weeks for you to take advantage of it - and I've written a special Fall/Winter edition of the Parry Sound Travel Guide.  If you'd like a copy, please e-mail me to request a copy!


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