Top 10 foods you must eat while in Parry Sound


1.  Enjoy the ice cream at the Kawartha Dairy Barice cream

2.  Get an espresso at Georgian Bay Airways Ice Cream Parlour

3.  Have a real, old-fashioned hamburger at Lil's Restaurant

4.  Order a large bowl of mussels served with garlic bread at Bistro by the Bay

5.  Take a break with date squares at The Country Gourmet


6.  The best dessert is carrot cake at Bay Street Cafe

7.   The prime rib is on special at Wellingtons on Saturday night

8.  Try the Maritime Cannelloni at Log Cabin Inn

9. The smoked fish from Georgian Bay at Gilly's in Snug Harbour after a day at Killbear Provincial Park, or...

10.  The chicken wing special at the Brunswick on Tuesdays.


For a complete list of places we recommend to eat in Parry Sound, download our free Parry Sound Travel Guide!

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