Have you heard of Parry Sound's Hole in the Wall?

Georgian Bay is home of the 30,000 Islands, the world’s largest freshwater archipelago and a designated Biosphere Reserve. island-queenSightseeing among these islands is a popular activity for tourists and residents alike.

Located on the east side of Georgian Bay, these islands are part of the southern edge of the Canadian Shield. They were created when glaciers scraping across the bedrock during the last ice age exposed the granite.

One of the most stunning sights is called the “Hole in the Wall”. It is a very narrow channel between two islands that is 34 meters wide (at its narrowest point) and only 4 meters deep. The cliffs of the neighbouring islands reach about 24 meters, and create many crevices for the iconic windswept white pine trees to grow

It is approximately 8 kilometers from Parry Sound and 4 kilometers from Killbear Provincial Park.


Huckleberry Island is located on the north side of the channel, and while most of the island is Crown Land (owned and protected by the Ontario government), parts of the island do have private cottages on it. Known for the wild blueberries and huckleberries that grow there, it is also a favourite place to jump off the rocks (just not on the channel side!)

It has been speculated that Wall Island, located on the southern side of the channel was at one time part of Huckleberry Island. The elevations of the two land masses are almost the same. It is possible that a vein of volcanic lava rock was located there and was gradually eroded away by being exposed to the wind and rain over the many thousands of years. The local first nations say that this island is the burial ground for historic Ojibway villages in the area.

There are a variety of ways to see the Hole in the Wall – you can rent a canoe or kayak from White Squall Paddling Centre and paddle through the channel, take either of the Island Queen boat cruises (this sightseeing boat almost completely fills the channel at it’s narrowest point), go on the MV Chippewa’s Sunset Dinner cruise or fly over it with Georgian Bay Airways.  If you're on a tight timeframe, a private water taxi can take you at your convenience.

Besides sightseeing, Georgian Bay provides many other water-based activities to take advantage of. Why not check out our suggestions on the Things to See and Do in Parry Sound on the Water page?





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