March Madness reigns in Parry Sound

Like a lot of places in Canada, winter is coming to an end in Parry Sound…I think! It certainly is the main topic of conversation, and impacts on the kinds of samualrisley250121-2-013activities you can take part in.

Typically, winter remains in full force for the first 10 days of March with temperatures below freezing both day and night. (Did you know the coldest recorded temperature in Parry Sound in March was -33 degrees Celsius? The hottest was +25C!) By the middle of March the temperature hovers near the 0C mark, which means we could receive snow, rain or both – at the same time!

What does this mean for visitors to Parry Sound? If you want to take advantage of our winter activities and sports make sure you don’t leave it too late in the month. Even ice fishing is impacted – fishing huts have to be off the ice on inland lakes by March 15th, and off Georgian Bay by March 31st. Of course, if we get a warm spell and the ice starts breaking up early, then it is always better to be safe than sorry!

The ice breaker, Samuel Risley generally makes it way up the Great Lakes from the Windsor area to Parry Sound mid-March, and the word goes out that it is important for snowmobiles to be wary of weak ice and ice ridges.

After the middle of March, while there is a lot of snow still on the ground (particularly in bushy areas where the snow takes longer to melt), you could find it very wet, heavy and hard going. Even though the ice looks fine to walk on, you don’t know how much the water underneath that ice is moving, and weakening it.

However, there is good news – you can depend on the Charles W. Stockey Centre to provide great entertainment throughout the month. The Reel Paddling Festival, which will feature the winner of the best sea kayak film “Greenland Bound – A Paddlers Pilgrimage” by James Roberts from Ontario Sea Kayak Centre (located in Parry Sound) will make us all remember that summer’s fun is just around the corner! Music ranges from Newfoundland kitchen songs to Classic Albums Live playing Led Zeppelin to Doug Leahy – something for everyone! And of course, you can always try your hockey skills out at the Bobby Orr Hall of Fame!

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