Some like it hot!

Did you know that February is “Hot Breakfast Month”? But that doesn’t matter when you come to stay with us - every day at 40 Bay Street B&Bbreakfast05

Over the last 9 years, we have learned what hot breakfast dishes appeal to the majority of our guests – and that’s what we focus on. We believe in giving people a choice and using the freshest ingredients possible.

So what can you expect for breakfast at 40 Bay Street? We always start off with freshly ground coffee beans; both tea and coffee are organic and fair trade. I love to bake, so you will always see some type of freshly baked goods – muffins are a favourite, because if you pass them up at the table, you can always take one along with you. For the health conscious, juice, fresh fruit, yogurt and home-made granola are available.

Then comes what we consider the “hot entrée” – your choice of eggs or a sweet dish. The dish most requested by our guests is scrambled eggs with fresh herbs from our garden. Depending on availability and your preference, we can add vegetables, cheese, meats and/or smoked salmon. We’ve also been known to offer frittatas, or eggs that are poached, fried or baked and served in a variety of ways. In the summer, no matter the option, you will be treated to fresh tomatoes and cucumbers from our garden.


If you have a sweet tooth, French toast with local maple syrup is the favourite. We use our honey and whole wheat homemade bread to start, then soak it in a flavoured egg and cream mixture and fry it in butter.   When it is glazed with maple syrup from our local supplier, Bradley’s Maple Syrup, and adorned with fresh fruit, not only does it look incredible, but it tastes great too! We also serve pancakes and stuffed crepes.

Because we make almost everything on our menu from scratch, it is easy to accommodate most special diets with a bit of advance notice. So, whether you are gluten- or lactose-free, vegetarian or have other dietary issues, we can generally adapt our recipes to meet your needs. (So far, the only thing that has us really stumped is French toast for people who are gluten and lactose-free!)

So, what’s your preferred hot breakfast? Sweet or savoury?

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