How to get a good night’s sleep? Pick the perfect pillow!

When we opened the doors to 40 Bay Street Bed & Breakfast, Chef Simon and I couldn’t agree on the type of pillows to use. I like a fairly firm pillow, he swears pillowsby cervical pillows, and neither of us like feathers due to allergies. So, like everything else, we started to research the topic.

People are very particular about their pillows and I would guess that at least a third of our guests arrive with their own pillows. For those that don’t, we offer a “Pillow Library” where you can choose from a variety of pillow types.

Pillow fills can be polyester, foam, memory foam, gel, goose down or a combination of feathers and down. Down is usually more expensive. It's very soft and is easy to shape or mold to your head and body. Polyester, which is less expensive, is comfortable too, depending on the quality, but it won't fluff up the way down does.

So, how to find the perfect pillow for you?

It primarily depends on your sleep position according to the experts.

If you sleep on your back, you need a pillow that’s not too firm or too high. Your neck should not be raised, but supported so that it and your head remain level with your upper back and spine. Our feather or foam pillows will provide that.

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What’s Up in Parry Sound This Month? (May 2015)

The ice disappeared from the harbour on April 16th , the birds are back and the fish are jumping! That means spring is officially here, tulipsand everyone is busy preparing for the arrival of summer!

The Stockey Centre has a very busy month planned – everything from Frankie Flowers to the film “The Wrecking Crew”, Classic Albums Live playing Abbey Road to Jesse Cook and Marty Stuart, there is something for everyone planned.

There are also two big events based at the Stockey Centre this month. CanBIC-5 is holding it’s 5th Annual Georgian Bay Conference from May 19-22. This small and specialized conference is devoted to the biological chemistry of metals and draws scientists from across the world, who directly research these areas.

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Ontario By Bike comes to Parry Sound

Last year, Parry Sound was host to the Annual Pedaling for Parkinson’s, Biking for Builds (for Habitat for Humanity) and the Fall Fun Bike Rides.fat-bikes-MBT-155 2 credit-Leaf-Treinen

But now the secret about what a great place Parry Sound is for cyclists. Last fall Parry Sound joined 19 other regions throughout the province (with more coming on board all the time) as a member of Ontario By Bike Network.

From in-town trails to quiet (paved) county roads, provincial parks to nature trails, you will find it all available in the Parry Sound area. If you’ve already done some hiking, you know that a number of those same trails are multi-use and great for cycling on too. There is also the opportunity for a unique biking experience – fat biking.

If you haven’t heard of fat biking, it is a bike that is designed for riding on soft, unstable ground such as sand and snow. Fat bikes have really over-sized tires – tires that measure at least 9 cm. in width. These wide – or “fat” tires have a lower tire pressure, which allows the rubber of the wheels to grip the ground better than a standard bike. For the avid cyclists in the area, it means you can ride year-round.

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The 2016 Parry Sound Travel Guide is Available

For the last five years, we have been producing the Parry Sound Travel Guide for people who want to make the most of their visit to Parry Sound.2015 cover small

It started because so many people know about our world famous Island Queen Boat cruise, and only find out after they’ve arrived about all the other great things there are to see and do in the area. The Guide contains itineraries for making sure you see as much as possible and/or the time of year you plan on coming.

I strongly suggest you plan on spending two days in the area, so you can really get a “feel” for the area. Besides the Island Queen Boat Cruise – which is an absolute must – and touring the Town of Parry Sound, we suggest a second day to visit Killbear Provincial Park area.

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